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Strategic EVS

From the 22-26th of May 218, we are hosting in the Eko centar Latinovac the International Partner Meeting (IPM). This seminar is funded by Erasmus+ and the Agency for Mobility and EU programmes as part of our Strategic European Voluntary Service "Sustainable Organization for Sustainable Community"

The purpose of the International Partner Meeting is to develop past, present and future partnerships from the Eko centar Latinovac, gathering organizations from programme countries and building future cooperations


 The main objectives of this meeting are:

  • To meet previous partners and discuss the topics needed to develop the quality of the partnerships (rights, obligations, task division...etc)
  • To involve previous volunteers in setting up agreements (preparation, support, the definition of hosting, coordinating, sending…etc)
  • To set up a model for better cooperation that can be followed by all partners (from preparation, implementation to dissemination)
  • To create a database of responsible and trustworthy partner organizations
  • To clarify the impact of the partnerships for the participating organizations
  • To evaluate the entire partnership and plan future steps



CroatiaUnited Kingdom