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Strategic EVS

The project "Sustainable Organization for Sustainable Community" is a Strategic EVS project that will take place in Latinovac in 2018,2019, and 2020. During this 3 years, we will host a total amount of 11 international volunteers that will cooperate with us.

Thanks to their cooperation, we will focus our work on building up capacities of the Eko centar Latinovac, community development, and national and international networking and cooperation

The main project activities are:

  • Planning, preparation, and organization of future international projects in the Eko centar Latinovac
  • Promotion of mobility of young people and European Solidarity Corps
  • Planning, preparing and organizing 2 International Partner Meeting seminars
  • Permaculture education in theory and practice
  • Planning, preparation, and organization of various daily activities of the Eko centar Latinovac
  • Facebook and webpage maintenance
  • Healthy food workshops
  • Project newspaper "Škakljikaš"
  • Intercultural exchange
  • Volunteer's personal projects

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CroatiaUnited Kingdom