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Small Community - Big Diversity

Project "Small Community - Big Diversity" was conducted mainly in Latinovac and Čaglin, Požeško-slavonska county. Activities lasted from 3rd of October till 30th of November 2016. Project gathered 14 participants from 7 countries (Portugal, Lithuania, Spain, Turkey, Romania, Latvia and Poland) and local people from Croatia. Volunteers were very motivated young people from 18 to 29 years old with different backgrounds, knowledge and experiences. The project is financed by our Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes.

Overall objective of the project was to create sustainable community with all its diversity, to develop rural area and to improve quality of life of local people.

Specific objectives were:

- to support solidarity, intergenerational exchange and mutual understanding

- to connect different generations and cultures, to empower community spirit

- to empower children to be more involved and participate actively in their community

- to embrace cultural differences through cultural exchanges (decrease prejudices)

- to make life in Latinovac more dynamic (to support development of the community)

- to empower young people to use their opportunities (mobility projects), to promote mobility and voluntarism

- to promote sustainable, active way of living and healthy life styles

- to introduce work of Eko centar Latinovac to wider community and inform people how to be more active and involved in community development (make our work more visible)

- to promote Greenway route (to support rural and sustainable development of the community)

- to promote European values (like youth activism, professional growth etc)

Project included following activities:

- Fall fest (two days; one day workshops in school and second day activities for children on the property of Eko centar Latinovac)

- Help in the local community (13 households)

- Promotion of mobility (8 presentations)

- Workshops for children (18 workshops; part on the property of Eko centar Latinovac, part in school)

- Intercultural gathering and exchange (8 intercultural evenings: Portugal, Lithuania, Spain, Turkey, Romania, Latvia, Poland and Croatia, 4 intercultural workshops in school and one Big Intercultural Day in Čaglin)

- Project newspaper "Škakljikaš" (4 issues and 1 special issue on Croatian)

- Healthy food workshops (4 workshops)

- Greenway - promotion of bike and hiking routes (1 big hiking activity in cooperation with Foundation Slagalica from Osijek and 3 small ones)

Beside that, volunteers had opportunity to learn about permaculture through various lessons and discussions. They had Croatian lessons once per week. Volunteers developed their personal projects connected to their interests, motivation and skills.

We used different methods in our work. The emphasis of the project were on promotion of rural development, sustainable living and youth mobility. Very important issue was promotion of diversity and interculturalism. We worked on connecting different generations and introducing different cultures and traditions. We presented a value of living in a small community and importance of active work within such community.

Volunteer newspapers - #7

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How much fun did our volunteers had during "Fall Fest" and their travel time you can read in their new number of newspapers. You can check it here.

Project is funded by European Commision (Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes, Erasmus+) - European Voluntary Service.

Škakljikaš 2016 nº 6


The activities for the project "Small Community - Big Diversity" are at full speed. What were we doing for the past few weeks you can read here

Project is funded by European Commision (Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes, Erasmus+) - European Voluntary Service.

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