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Spring School for Sustainability

Project "Spring School for Sustainability" will be conducted mainly in Latinovac, Požeško-slavonska county. Activities will last from 3rd of April till 31st of May 2017. Project will gather 15 participants from 7 countries (Portugal, Lithuania, Spain, Romania, Latvia, Poland, Estonia) and local people from Croatia.

Overall objective of the project is to create sustainable community with all its diversity, to develop rural area and to improve quality of life of local people.

Specific objectives:
- to support solidarity, intergenerational exchange and mutual understanding
- to spread and share knowledge about permaculture and sustainability
- to connect different generations and cultures, to empower community spirit
- to raise ecological awareness among children
- to empower children to be more involved and participate actively in their community
- to embrace cultural differences through cultural exchanges (decrease prejudices)
- to make life in Latinovac more dynamic (to support development of the community)
- to empower young people to use their opportunities (mobility projects), to promote mobility and voluntarism
- to promote sustainable, active way of living and healthy life styles
- to introduce work of Eko centar Latinovac to wider community and inform people how to be more active and involved in community development (make our work more visible)
- to promote Greenway route (to support rural and sustainable development of the community)
- to promote European values (like youth activism, professional growth etc)

The emphasis of the project is on promotion of rural development, sustainable living and youth mobility. Important issue is promotion of diversity and interculturalism. We will work on connecting different generations and introducing different cultures and traditions. We want to present a value of living in a small community and importance of active work within such community.

The project is funded by Agency for Mobility and Programs EU.

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