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Project: „School of Creative and Sustainable Living“
Where: village Latinovac, municipality of Čaglin.

It will include four volunteers from Portugal.Time of project implementationis
from 1st of May
till 30st of September 2015.
Overall objective of Eko Centar Latinovac is to create a sustainable
ecological community, to develop rural area and improve quality of
life of local inhabitants.

Specific goals are:
- to promote healthy lifestyle
- to support creative expression with special emphasis on young people
- to connect different generations
- to promote differences and decrease prejudices
- to support non-violent action
- to promote mobility among youths in Požeško-slavonska county

Activities that we plan to conduct in the project are:
- organisation of Straw FEST and “Seadlings of Peace” summer camp
- maintenance of bio garden and learning basics of permacultural
designing in theory and practise
- promoting Greenway movement of non-motorised transport through
exploration of cycling and walking routes
- International gastronomic degustation in the Village House
(promotion of the county from which volunteers are coming and of EVS
- artistic/creative workshops and production of souvenirs
- promotion of EVS program among youth in Požeško-slavonska county
- language workshops (Croatian for EVS volunteers, and Portuguese for
local people)
- developing small personal project based on personal talents and affinities
- work in the community through volunteer actions
- maintenance of organisations web page, Facebook page, and blog
- evaluation of the project

We will use different methods in our work: creativity supporting
exercises, team and individual work, discussions, movie presentations,
public discussions, etc.
The emphasis of the project is on promotion of rural development,
sustainable living and youth mobility. Within project we will work on
connecting different generations and introducing different cultures
and traditions. We want to present a value of living in a small
community and importance of active work within such community.
Upon project completion, volunteers will gain experience of community
work, public presentation, expend knowledge about different forms of
team and group work which they’ll be able to use after they return to
their communities. We are going to support spreading information about
youth mobility, EVS program and other programs for young people
through regular updates of our web, facebook page and blog, and
through informing local media about project activities. Volunteers
will have a importat role in this activity with our support.

CroatiaUnited Kingdom