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Album of flowers and leaves

“Spring Camp in the Golden Valley” is a short-term EVS project that took place in Latinovac, Croatia, from the 13th March until the 10th of May 2018.
The project was funded by Erasmus+ programme, Agency for Mobility and EU programmes, hosted by the Eko centar Latinovac

This album is part of a personal project by our volunteers: Paula Lema (Spain) and Florencia Delle Donne (Italy), implemented for the first time with big success during the Spring Festival, that took place in Latinovac the 21st and 22nd of April 2018. 

This album started as a small project for the children to identify and collect different types of local leaves and flowers.
We think it is important to know about the different uses of the plants that we can easily find in our own gardens or in nature, both for medicine and cosmetics or just to try them as infusions.
We would love that next volunteers can also use this book and we encourage you to extend this work.
Hvala puno! :)

Paula and Flor

CroatiaUnited Kingdom