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Permaculture Design Course

Dates: 31/1/2015 - 9/2/2015

Venue: Eko centar Latinovac,

Latinovac 11, 34 350 Čaglin, Croatia

course fee: 1400 kn (190 eura), includes accommodation and all meals*

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To apply, please contact us on our e-mail address and we will send you application form.

Permaculture is a design system based on integrated traditional and contemporary knowledge and skills used for creating a practical lifestyle that mimics natural processes and creates abundance in a world out of balance.  It uses a set of priciples which result in sustainable and productive synergic systems for living, architecture, food production, land management and community, through design that is thoughtful, innovative and effective.

It is used for implementing fundamental and life-changing resilience in everyday life and developing a self-reliant, liberated and creative lifestyle.

The 72-hour Permaculture Design Course (PDC) is an intensive course, sometimes colloquially referred to as the Elementary School of Permaculture. Its aim is to train students in practical skills and knowledge needed for further independent work on their own projects.

The course consists of two parts. The first part of the course will cover all essential topics related to permaculture as well as practical exercises and demonstrations. The second part of the course teaches the skills and techniques for permaculture design.

Throught this 10 day course the students will master the theory and the design techniques, which they will then apply, working in small groups on individual projects, to produce their own designs.

Upon successful completion and presentation of individual designs at the end of the course, the students will be awarded the internationally recognized PDC certificate.

The course will be taught by local teachers from Croatia and Serbia with specialist experiences in various aspects of permaculture.

Gordana Dragičević, main course teacher and Permaculture Diploma holder

Cvijeta Biščević (ZMAG)

Mario Miličević (OSPERA)

Nenad Maljković (Croatian Permaculture Association)

Smilja Ignjatović (Earthship Serbia)

The course will be held in English.

The course will cover the following:

>         current state of global society and the environment

>         introduction to permaculture – history, ethics and principles

>         permaculture design strategies, planning and integration

>         pattern understanding

>         reading the landscape and importance of observation

>         bioregions

>         water in permaculture systems – water harvesting, water retention and storage, wastewater purification

>         designing with water in landscapes

>         designing zones 1-4

>         plant guilds and food forest design

>         annual and perennial food systems

>         gardening and small-scale farming ideas

>         energy in permaculture systems

>         sustainable construction and natural building

>         soil fertility strategies - reparation and creation of a balanced soil food web

>         composting and humus production

>         society and community

>         strategies for building healthy and resilient communities

>         participative group decision making

>         urban permaculture

>         Transition

>         alternative economy (LETS, CSA etc.)

>         food sovereignty and food security

>         seedsaving

*Note: This course is subsidised and the fee of 1400 kuna applies to locals from the region and EVS volunteers.

All other participants are asked to contribute an extra donation (200 kn, 500 kn or more), according to their individual means and willingness to support the first Permaculture Design Course in Latinovac. Please bear in mind that residential PDCs in Europe rarely cost less than 550 €.

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